Sleep is a need. We need sleep in order to function properly, grow, learn and develop. Without a good night’s sleep, we cannot function as well and this limits our capabilities as a parent or caregiver.

Whether you have a baby that wakes frequently in the night and you need some guidance around how to structure your day for a better sleep overnight, or an older child that refuses bedtime, I can help. I offer a 1:1 personalised sleep service which is tailored to your parenting style, but also your child or baby’s needs.  

Through my training with The Children’s Sleep Charity, I decided that I wanted to keep to their manifesto and provide sleep information to as many people as I can, and I hope that my prices make my sleep help more accessible.

Initial Consultation - Free

Book a free 15 minute call to discuss your little ones sleep problems to see how I might be able to help

1:1 Sleep Session - £50

Book your 1:1 sleep appointment now and chat through any problems you might be having. Create a plan together that best suits your parenting style and your little ones temperament. 1:1 appointments are a full hour, and you will receive a personalised plan via email along with support.

Online Sleep Workshop - £5.98

My sleep workshops are informative sessions via an online platform that provide an overview of sleep physiology at different ages. I give you hints and tips to help promote a better night’s sleep for your little ones. Workshops are held monthly, and are age specific in their delivery.

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