About Me

Hello!  I am Kate, a mum of two, teacher and sleep consultant. 

As a mum to two difficult sleepers (at different stages) I have done a lot of midnight internet trawling about how I can get a decent nights sleep without the tears (me included!). There is lots of advice out there, and many books and methods that I tried that didn’t work for me.

I questioned these methods for months wondering why I couldn’t get these methods to work for me…..and it was then I realised that I just needed my hand holding and someone to tell me that I was doing a good job by following my instincts. As I have an education background, I am fascinated with development and I was acutely aware that my children could be missing out due to lack of sleep. I want to promote good relationships with my children, and I don’t want to battle with them to go to bed and sleep all night- don’t we all! I started studying and as I did more research I managed to sleep train my 7 year old without her even knowing!

In fact she now gets more 1 to 1 quality time with me than she did before, so that for me is a win win situation! Whilst doing this I also realised that there weren’t any specific workshops for Sleep for parents who, like me, were struggling.

So I started Sleep by Kate Johnson in the hope that I could provide workshops for specific age ranges so we can all help each other and learn about the physiology of sleep in babies and children along the way! I look forward to meeting you soon

Kate x

Sleep Tips

Here to help!

If you have any questions at all or need some support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.